Group Therapy

About group therapy

Group therapy offers a safe, supportive space to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others. It is a place to explore themes of identity,  social issues and life transitions in the company of others.

A therapy group is sometimes compared to a hall of mirrors. The group provides multiple perspectives. It offers an opportunity to see  ourselves more clearly through the experiences and reflections of others.

Being in a therapy group offers a sense of belonging and opportunities for connection, insight and personal growth.

Group therapy has the potential to be an enriching and transformational experience.

How can group therapy help you

Group therapy can help with:

  • Exploring relationships and improving social confidence.
  • Reducing anxiety, depression and loneliness.
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, anger and frustration.
  • Coping with bereavement, loss and traumatic events.
  • Exploring aspects of identity, diversity, community, cultural heritage and belonging.
  • Career transitions, academic or professional worries and work related stress.
  • Self-esteem and assertiveness.

We are by nature social beings and spend a great deal of time in groups. Families, friendship groups and work teams often play a significant part in our lives. However, it is not unusual for people to find groups challenging.

Many of our individual difficulties arise within the family and in the wider context of our relationships with others, our interactions with our environment and with society as a whole.

Past negative experiences in groups may have left us feeling anxious about social situations. Group therapy provides an opportunity to experience being in a supportive group setting, where these difficulties and anxieties can be explored and addressed.

You will benefit from group therapy with me if you:

  • Have an interest in experiencing therapy in a group.
  • Wish to learn more about your way of being and relating to others.
  • Are curious about how past experiences might be affecting your choices and relationships in the present.
  • Would like to learn some TA models.
  • Have a desire to connect with others and share experiences.

My approach to group therapy

My therapeutic work with groups is grounded in Transactional Analysis (TA). This underpinned by an understanding of group dynamics, gained through further study and practical experience in organisational and community development work.

TA was originally developed as a group psychotherapy.  It provides some great models for helping us think about ourselves, our relationships and interactions with others.  TA theory also offers a framework for thinking about how our early experiences of family life influence our thoughts, actions and interactions in the present.

Alongside TA, I have a developing interest in group analysis and have completed a diploma in groupwork practice. In September 2023, I begin further training with the Institute of Group Analysis.

Group Analysis is a method of group psychotherapy that was developed by S.H. Foulkes.

Like TA, Group Analysis draws on concepts from psychoanalysis, developmental psychology and gestalt psychology.

In addition, Group Analysis incorporates ideas from sociology and anthropolgy.  Foulkes believed that social and environmental issues were to be found at the core of personal development. (Barnes et al 1999)

The group analytic approach offers a way of thinking about groups and understanding what happens in groups. My work with groups is informed by group analytic principles.  If you join a therapy group with me,  you will find a safe and containing space where communication and sharing are actively encouraged. There is emphasis on putting thoughts, feelings, ideas and reactions into words through free-floating dialogue.  Creative expression through the sharing of dreams, stories and metaphors is welcomed.

Find out more

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