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Psychodynamic Therapy

From January 2024 I have spaces available for in-person, individual, psychodynamic psychotherapy in Wigan, WN3.

You will benefit from this opportunity, to work with me, if you are:

  • looking to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships;
  • open to reflecting on how past experiences might be influencing your present feelings and behaviour;
  • able to commit to weekly appointments on a Wednesday afternoon or evening;
  • seeking long-term psychotherapy;
  • willing to travel to Wigan for in-person sessions.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This approach has its origins in psychoanalysis and is concerned with helping you to gain a better awareness of yourself, your inner world, internal conflicts and unconscious processes.  Psychodynamic therapy draws on theories of child development and attachment to offer insights into our ways of relating to ourselves, others and the world.

Long-term psychodynamic therapy can help with a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, social anxiety, issues of identity and low self-esteem.

Working with me

Therapy is a co-creative process and if you decide to work with me it will be in an empathic,  mutually respectful and supportive relationship where you will feel heard and understood.

All of my work, as a therapist, is underpinned by my training in transactional analysis psychotherapy and the following core beliefs:

  • You are OK.
  • You have the capacity to think and to problem solve.
  • We decide and shape our own destiny and these decisions can be changed.

I am offering these in-person, indiviudal, psychodynamic psychotherapy opportunities to meet a requirement of training I am undertaking in group analysis.  This means, I will ask you to commit, in principle, to long-term psychotherapy.  Long-term means a minimum of 40 sessions, which is usually a year's worth of therapy.  Sessions take place weekly, with gaps for holidays.

If you're interested in long-term therapy with me and cannot travel to Wigan for in-person sessions, please get in touch to enquire about online availability.

Next Steps

I offer a free, initial consultation session online, where I will invite you to tell me about yourself, your current situation and reasons for beginning therapy. I'll ask some questions about your background and what you hope to get from therapy and answer any questions you have. We'll think about how we might work together and whether a psychodynamic approach is right for you.

After the consultation, if we decide to go ahead, my current fee for individual psychotherapy is £55 per 50 minute session.

Contact me to book a consultation or request further information.